Karma in a visionary sense represents the soul’s primary lesson to be learned in the accomplishment of its universal mission of unification with the One.
The resolution of karma is an ongoing process that encompasses lifetimes in many different dimensions and time-lines. 
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The heart of healing is compassion. Compassion is about being WITH a person, feeling deeply WITH them, and being present WITH them. It is different from pity or sympathy, which is feeling FOR someone, or caring FOR someone.The closest in meaning to compassion is unconditional love, love without demands or expectations.… [read the rest]

Relationship Minefields and Mirrors

The realization that relationships are basically mirrors is the key to healing any and every relationship⎯with ourselves, with others, with nature and with the universe. We are all inter- connected. What we think, feel and do affects everything around us.

This may be easier to accept as a general concept than as a truth about a particular relationship, especially an intimate one.… [read the rest]