Karma in a visionary sense represents the soul’s primary lesson to be learned in the accomplishment of its universal mission of unification with the One.
The resolution of karma is an ongoing process that encompasses lifetimes in many different dimensions and time-lines.
Each cell of each body contains the holographic blueprint of the Creation Itself.
Humans mirror the multi-faceted, splintered aspect of Source.
The splintering of the soul self is for the purpose of spiritual healing, knowing and experiencing all angles of a particular path towards compassion, forgiveness and wholeness.

Becoming one with the Creation  involves resolving the karmic balance of each consciousness body – the physical, emotional, mental and etheric – each of which has its own karmic history.
In the ultimate reality, everything is happening at the same time, in different forms, manifestations, locations, dimensions and densities.
Every aspect of every fragment of consciousness, on every level of awareness is simultaneously engaged in the process of evolving towards wholeness, at oneness with itself and with the Creation, the All That Is.

To be completely at one with the Creation involves resolving the karmic balance of each consciousness body – the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies – each of which has its own karmic history.
As consciousness expands and the fourth eye opens, more and more aspects of an individual’s path of karmic balancing are revealed.




Continent of Mu(Lemuria)                              Island of Kauai

Since accepting the call to Kauai in 2007, there have been several opportunities to deepen the resolution of personal and collective karma through spontaneous and often dramatic recall of past lives on this ancient land.
Three major themes have woven themselves through my personal history: guilt of the survivor; fear of revealing my authentic identity; betrayal of trust.

My earliest recurring dream was of awakening in an abandoned cemetery and crawling out of a grave in which I had been buried for dead. I am the only one alive. As a child of the Holocaust, this was easily understood in terms of my personal history. No-one who lived through that historic period came out without some measure of guilt of the survivor. The karmic antecedent came forth during a healing session during which I re-lived the crash of an inter-galactic research vessel on Lemuria/Kauai of which I was the captain/navigator. As the only one who understood the workings of the vehicle, I alone was responsible for the navigational error that lead to the crash and was the only survivor. My unresolved grief and guilt required resolution in subsequent lifetimes.

Fear of revealing my authentic identity also relates to my personal history this lifetime. It was not safe to reveal Jewish ancestry in Hitler’s Europe, and later, not safe to reveal my memories in my family. Shortly after my arrival on Kauai,I joined a walking group. Crossing the road towards the bike path at a particular location, I experienced a sudden pain in the right hip, and could not walk for weeks. When I re-joined the group, the same thing happened in the same spot. After the third time this happened, I recalled a lifetime as a Menehune when it was only safe to come out at night. We were ambushed, and a spear thrust into my right hip. The pain disappeared and did not recur after I resolved the memory.

The experience of betrayal of trust in this lifetime alone could fill volumes. My brother failed to protect me and participated in sexual abuse by his playmates. A colleague absconded with my entire psychotherapy practice during a 6 month furlough in the 1970s. My ex-husband played every dirty trick in the book during our divorce twenty years later. On Kauai-Lemuria, a lifetime was
recalled in which I was betrayed by a fellow member of a rebel group working against the nefarious schemes of the Atlantian ruling elite.

For decades I have had welts and scratches from beatings and whippings appear periodically on my shoulders, back and buttocks. These cellular memories of earthly and alien violence span dimensions, time-lines and universes.
On Kauai-Lemuria they relate both to the torture suffered at the hands of the primitive humans on Earth at the time of the space vehicle crash, by the ruling elite in my lifetime as a Menehune, and punishment for participation in a planned overthrow of the Atlantian masters at that time.

Karmic resolution requires that we reclaim and heal reciprocal memories. I have remembered being both a soldier in the Hitler’s army and a guard at Buchenwald concentration camp; a powerful Druid leader who ordered and participated in the sexual abuse, torture and death of countless men, women and children;  and my betrayal of the man who became my husband in this lifetime in truly heinous fashion. On Kauai I have been used, unconsciously, as an instrument for the destruction of powerful healing tools for ascension.

Recognizing and forgiving all that we abhor and all that we love within ourselves is the key to Ho-oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian healing art for restoration of harmonious relationships between people, Nature and Spirit.
Earth in the Fourth  Realm was called Maldek.
I remember Maldek as a paradise in which many different species of human, animal and plant life co-existed peacefully.In which the tribes, animals and plants that chose to separate and forgot how to love were allowed to be part of everyday life, separated only by an inter-dimensional barrier that prevented fear, loss, greed and despair from spreading to the uninfected.

Together, we can  re-create this paradise.